Trademarks of a Great Boss

Photogaphy of Michael Van Eaton

A great boss is a person who believes in the people around them and creates an environment where people thrive. They also have driving beliefs that promote growth. When you work for a great boss, you can feel comfortable knowing you will be appreciated and supported in your career.

Encourages innovation

To encourage innovation and growth opportunities in their organizations, great bosses should provide ample support and opportunities for employees to explore new ideas and develop creative solutions. Whether the innovation process is internal or external, great bosses should be proactive in encouraging this thinking. This may sound like a simple task, but it requires a mix of management approaches, shared values, and strategies.

Open-minded bosses are open to new ideas and welcome the input of their subordinates. This fosters creativity and innovation and makes employees feel appreciated. In addition, employees who feel empowered will be more loyal to their employer and less likely to quit or resign, thereby saving the company money and resources.

Encourages creativity

One of the most important qualities a great boss should possess is a willingness to allow employees to explore new ideas. Creativity can only be cultivated when the environment encourages it. Without the freedom to make mistakes, an employee may fail to come up with the next big idea.

In addition, the right environment helps facilitate collaboration, which is crucial for creative innovation. When employees are encouraged to work together, they are more likely to find solutions to problems other people have not thought of before. This environment fosters open communication and gives everyone access to data and information. An autocratic management style is not the best environment for creativity and can stifle innovation.

Employees who feel supported in being creative are less likely to seek another job. 51% of U.S. workers are actively looking for a new job. In addition, people who feel their ideas are supported report higher performance levels. In today’s competitive business climate, stifling creativity is counterproductive. Companies must strive to make employees more efficient and effective in a global marketplace where innovation is rewarded.

Encourages feedback

A great boss inspires their employees to work harder and do better.¬†Feedback should be constructive, and it should be offered as soon as possible. But, unfortunately, the feedback given later won’t have the same impact.

Encourages learning

This approach increases employees’ propensity to take calculated risks, enables them to overcome their fears of failure, and provides them with ongoing feedback.

Great bosses provide growth opportunities by seeing their employees as more than an extension of themselves while at the same time recognizing that everyone has good days and bad days. They do not give free passes but expect their employees to meet deadlines. They also believe that sharing information with employees empowers them rather than diminishing their power.

Encourages recognition

One of the trademarks of great bosses is that they regularly pause to recognize other people’s accomplishments. Offering praise is essential to boost team morale and create a positive culture. Conversely, a lack of honor can make employees feel unappreciated and less engaged. According to Leah de Souza, managing director of Trainman Consulting, a leadership communication firm, praise and celebration are essential to motivating employees.