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has multiple areas of expertise like chemistry, physics, coaching swimming and waterpolo. In his free time, Michael Van Eaton enjoys hobbies like scuba diving, traveling, reffing water polo, working on cars, maintaining his home, and web design.

About Me

Michael Van Eaton grew up in Alaska and has achieved an impressive educational background with a BS in material science engineering, a BS in chemistry education, and an MS in education administration.

He is well established in multiple areas of expertise regarding education. These fields of learning include chemistry, physics, coaching, swimming, and water polo.

Michael offers expert advice on how to be successful as a teacher and educator. He has been featured on local platforms providing his top tips on these subjects.

He says that being prepared and organized is a must for any successful teacher. Before the school year starts, sit down and put together a teaching agenda for the entire year. From there, break it down to what will be taught each month and then break it down to weeks.

You need to have a plan to ensure you teach your students everything they need to learn in a school year. Winging it is very hard in this field and may cause you to forget to teach a specific lesson. Always be prepared and organized.

He says that working as a teacher is hard work, but it is also highly rewarding. Michael has dedicated his life to helping others and is proud to be an educator.

Suppose you are looking to be successful as a teacher. In that case, he highly recommends that you find a subject you are passionate about, ensure you are prepared and organized and stay in control of your classroom and your emotions. All of this will help to translate into success as a teacher.

When Michael is sharing his expert knowledge and passions with others, you can find him enjoying his favorite hobbies in his free time, such as scuba diving, traveling, reffing water polo, restoring cars, home maintenance, and web design.

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