Michael Van Eaton Lists the Best Places to Scuba Dive in the U.S.

Michael Van Eaton Lists the Best Places to Scuba Dive in the U.S.

Michael Van Eaton is an avid scuba diver. Being able to scuba dive opens up a whole new world to explore and allows you to see many unique things that many people who do not scuba dive never get to experience in their lifetime. Here are a few of the places where you can experience some of the best scuba diving places in the United States.

Michael Van Eaton States Where to Scuba Dive in California

There are numerous places where you can scuba dive in California. Monterey Bay has a few nearby dive sites that are perfect for divers of all ages and offer unique wildlife in conservation areas that may be rare to see elsewhere. Santa Catalina Island and the Channel Islands also offer unique dive sites with everything from octopus to sharks to sea lions. Lastly, San Diego is another great diving spot in California. San Diego has a wide array of marine life, including dolphins.

Hawaii is a Great Place According to Michael Van Eaton

Another area where you should consider scuba diving in the United States is Hawaii, says Michael Van Eaton. Hawaii is set apart from the continental U.S., and as such, you can see many different types of marine life that may not be prevalent throughout the continental U.S. One of the more interesting things about diving in and around Hawaii is that different parts of different islands have their own feel and looks. There are so many diving spots around Hawaii, including locations on the big island of Hawaii, Oahu and Maui, that any diver can spend months exploring the different locations.

Here Are Some of Michael Van Eaton’s Favorite Places in Florida

Much like California, Florida is another location that has numerous diving spots up and down the state, and each diving spot has unique underwater landscapes and marine life. Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach can be great dive spots for those who may want to see whales and turtles. The Florida Keys features shipwrecks and barracuda, as well as a wide array of tropical fish. Michael Van Eaton states that Pensacola, Florida has beautiful schools of stingrays.

Michael Van Eaton Says Not to Forget About Missouri

While Missouri is not typically a place you think of to scuba dive, the Bonne Terre Mine in Bonne Terre, Missouri is one of the most unique diving spots in the world. This spot was used to mine lead used to make ammunition. Today, you can dive down and see the entire mine, as well as all of the tools that were simply left behind and abandoned.

Michael Van Eaton explains that some of his favorite places to scuba dive are in California, Hawaii, Florida and even Missouri. However, there are places all over the country where you can scuba dive and have different experiences. Mr. Van Eaton encourages anyone who has an interest in marine life to learn how to scuba dive and explore the world around them.